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easily shot down

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Interesting findings described in NewScientist piece entitled “Cosy social networks ‘are stifling innovation'”

Bold ideas are typically incompletely formed when first conceived and easily shot down by criticism. Hence, they emerge more readily in communities in which individuals work mostly in small and relatively isolated groups, giving their ideas time and space to mature.

One might add that there is a level of trust that can only be achieved and, in some cases, maintained within a relatively small group of people. The computations one must perform before conferring authentic trust (rather than merely engaging in reckless exhibitionism or exchanging well-scripted pleasantries) prove much more difficult in the absence of physical proximity. One cannot solve for the same number of variables.

One can, quite reasonably, experience paralysis at the prospect of being a content provider amongst millions of content providers, reckoned–as another commodity–in the glazed eye of the jaded consumer.

How might new media stifle all of us in pursuing our big ideas?

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