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indulging in the illusion of activism

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A recent Washington Post article explores whether the appearance of activism on social media sites links to any reality. A few apt excerpts:

“Click-through activism” is the term used by Chris Csikszentmihályi, the co-director of MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media to describe the participants who might excitedly flit into an online group and then flutter away to something else. In some ways, he says, the ease of the medium “reminds me of dispensations the Catholic Church used to give.” Worst-case scenario: If people feel they are doing good just by joining something — or clicking on one of those become a fan of Audi and the company will offset your carbon emissions campaigns, “to what extent are you removing just enough pressure that they’re not going to carry on the spark” in real life?


“Just like we need stuff to furnish our homes to show who we are,” says Colding-Jorgensen, “on Facebook we need cultural objects that put together a version of me that I would like to present to the public.”

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