The nations raged, the kingdoms were moved; He uttered His voice, the earth melted. -Psalm 46:6

faster down the wrong path

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A telling bit of data offered in a recent post concerning the use of new media for marketing purposes:

Twitter and Facebook broke the news about the death of Michael Jackson, while the mainstream media was still scrambling and the mainstream search engines were oblivious.

In other words, new media leapt into action to provide real time updates with respect to….the same despicable trivia spoon fed to the masses by the old media. Meanwhile, thousands of individuals whose lives matter as much or, in my estimation, more than that of media-creation Michael Jackson, passed away with not a peep. The new media, just as the old media, is designed to sell, to entertain, to exalt the famous, to flatter the consumer, to project power.

It is difficult to discern how exactly the Gospel, something infinitely more worthy of our (and the World’s) attention, should be shoveled into a medium that traffics primarily in ephemera filtered by the World’s values. Might it be time to study again the media for which God has–for generations and in His Word–shown a marked preference: the humble, obedient lives of a broken people He has redeemed to Himself?

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